Star Wars young Ahsoka actor celebrates lightsaber training on the set of Barbie.

Farhan Shabir
By Farhan Shabir 1 Min Read

Ariana Greenblatt, known for her part as the youthful Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars‘ Ahsoka, passed lightsaber training while contemporaneously rephotographing Barbie. Despite her main part as Sasha in Barbie, Greenblatt’s gem in Ahsoka needed ferocious training, especially for the unique fight choreography featured in the series.

In an interview with Variety, Greenblatt participated perceptivity into her medication for Ahsoka, emphasizing the personalized training needed for each actor due to the distinctive fighting styles of their characters.

The connection between Greenblatt and Rosario Dawson, who both portrayed Ahsoka, proved precious in terms of mentorship during the training phase. This unique bond eased their synchronization, indeed as Greenblatt juggled her commitments to both Ahsoka and Barbie.

The significance of liar through fight choreography was stressed, with each character’s style conveying different aspects of their personality. The attention to detail, from Ezra’s reliance on the Force to Ahsoka’s binary blades, contributed to the series’ name appeal within the Star Wars live- action products.

Despite the brevity of her scenes, Greenblatt’s fidelity to training underlined the significance of authenticity in portraying the characters’ fighting styles in Ahsoka.

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