Netflix is set to welcome the arrival of Hades.

Farhan Shabir
By Farhan Shabir 2 Min Read

Netflix is bringing Hades to its gaming service in 2024.

We’ve known Netflix is serious about its gaming library. Ever since it added the Oxenfree series and, arguably, going back to Hextech Mayhem, Netflix has shown its gaming immolations weren’t going to be just silly, time-wasting waiting room games but solid mobile performances of indie games with name recognition, including the advertisement of Braid before this week. noway has that idea been more unexpressed than in this rearmost advertisement that Supergiant Games ’ Hades will debut simply on mobile via Netflix.

Hades is an isometric dungeon straggler roguelike in which you play the seriously hot Zagreus, Napoleon of Tartarus and son of Hades, as he tries to escape his pater’s sphere to reach the mortal world to find his mama. Before each attempt to escape hell, you choose one of several different munitions, and during the trip, the gods of Olympus offer you boons to help you along the way. Should Zagreus die in the attempt( and he will), he pops up in the morning — being the Napoleon of hell and all — to start his jailbreak again.

This is only a high-position overview and does nothing to convey all the charm Supergiant put into this game. Over time, Zagreus establishes connections with his musketeers and family that consolidate each time he returns to hell, leading to some wonderful, heartbreaking, and funny moments.

The game launched on PC in early access back in 2018, was formally released in 2020( when it should have won Game of the Time, a fact I’ll noway not be frenetic about), and inventor Supergiant lately blazoned an effect in 2022. But the game no way made it to mobile until Netflix.

sorely, the game is only launching on iOS. But despite leaving Android druggies in the cold wave, it’s a really good thing that further people will have the occasion to play this phenomenal( and completely burgled!) game.

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