Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature now extends to both posts and Reels.

Farhan Shabir
By Farhan Shabir 3 Min Read

Instagram’s rearmost point lets you limit your posts to just close musketeers. You could formerly partake Stories and Notes with only the druggies on your close musketeers list, but including posts and rolls could drastically change how Instagram works.

Since you no longer have to partake posts with your entire follower list, and other druggies can do the same, your Instagram feed could start to feel like it’s filled with posts from a further close-knit community. You see a green star next to the accounts of close musketeers, and expanding that “ green list ” to Reels could go a long way toward making the app feel more private.


Instagram took a stab at a close musketeers-only platform with the launch of its original vestments app in 2019, but now, it seems like it’s trying to carry over that feeling of sequestration to Instagram as well. Meanwhile, Facebook has long let druggies limit posts to certain groups of people on your musketeers list, whether it’s for close musketeers, familiarity, or people you do n’t want to partake in posts with at all.

To limit a post or roll to close musketeers only, elect the followership option that appears when you’re about to partake in the post. also, hit near musketeers> Done, and partake your post like you typically would. Only your close musketeers will see the print, videotape, or reel you post, along with a green star icon indicating it was just participated by druggies on your list.

Instagram preliminarily did n’t let you tweak the visibility of each post. You could only set your account to public or private.

Instagram first rolled out its close musketeers feature in 2018 as a way to partake in Stories with lower groups, and it has become a helpful way for druggies to partake content they might not want all their followers to see. Now that the same goes for posts and rolls participated in the platform, it might mean you might see lower — or further — from druggies on your timeline, depending on whether you ’re on their close musketeers list.

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