Fortnite is restricting certain outfits in kid-friendly experiences.

Farhan Shabir
By Farhan Shabir 3 Min Read

Fortnite just started showing age conditions for every experience you can play in the game, but as a result of those changes, some in-game outfits can’t be used in gests that are rated Everyone or Everyone 10 Plus, according to a blog post from the Fortnite platoon.

For illustration, while writing this composition, I got my game set up to visit the E-rated experience themed around The Game Awards while wearing one of the outfits you can earn from this season’s battle pass. In the Fortnite lobby, there was a notice that “ your named outfit can’t be worn in gests of this age standing ” — which surprised me, because nothing about the outfit struck me as particularly obnoxious.

But when I marked over to my locker, where Epic lets druggies can change outfits and virtual gear, there was a warning icon over that the accessory on my reverse — an essence cat/ auto/ ball thing — couldn’t be used in gests rated Everyone 10 Plus or lower. When I loaded into the experience, the game removed the appurtenant entirely. Epic’s blog post doesn’t specify what criteria make an outfit infelicitous for some gests, and when I asked for details, grand prophet Jake Jones refocused me back to the blog post.

In that post, Epic added an update that says 7 percent of outfits are only compatible with gests rated Teen. still, that update also says Epic will, over “ the coming time, ” change effects so that “ utmost ” blocked outfits can be used in all gests by “ having them bus- acclimate appearance. ” prophet Dan Walsh handed the academic illustration of Fortnite removing a gun attached to the leg of the Agent Peeley outfit.

“ We probably won’t be suitable to find a result for every dress, particularly in cases where it would bear a complete reimagining of the Outfit, but we ’re working to address as numerous as we can, ”

Walsh said.

In addition to the age conditions, grand on Thursday also added a point that lets you report voice exchanges. The game is in the middle of its “ OG ” season that’s a trip through some Fortnite history.

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